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Dear Diary,

We have alot of catching up to do.  My birthday was okay, but ______ + ______ + ______ didn’t help to make it happy.  I had Kelly Bales, Lindsay Armstrong, Rachel Ramsey, Sarah Parmley, and Katie Roets.

New Year Christmas was pretty good.  Mom got me a Discman, 2 Disney Edition CDs, All4One (ATMS) CD, NBA Allstar for GameGear, and Legend of Illusions starring Mickey Mouse.

New Year’s Eve was spent in San Antonio.  We had supper at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Later we spent time at Laurel’s house for her birthday.  We start school on Monday.  Today Rachel went rollerblading and then to a movie with Ryan.

Your friend,

I’m not sure I have a lot to say about this entry, but it’s next in line.  First, at least let me observe that I’ve progressed to paragraph usage.  Not sure with that last paragraph, though, if I’ve truly grasped the whole one subject to a paragraph concept just yet.  Baby grammatical steps.

Also, yes, yes… I was excited my mom gave me CDs of Disney music.  Let’s be real though, if you know me in real life at all, you know how much The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty (but particularly The Lion King) changed my life.   Maybe ‘changed my life’ is an overstatement.  No, I stand by The Lion King as life-altering.  Anyway, I digress.  And if you don’t know what ATMS in parentheses means, I’m referencing the All-4-One album “And the Music Speaks” which naturally everyone would know well enough to know by acronym.  This is the album which includes “I Swear” and “I’m Sorry.”  These were songs I listened to on repeat with my Discman.

You should also know that my super cool Sega Gamegear was the 1st place prize for a putt-putt golf tournament I participated in during 4th grade with my best friend Melissa Hamner at Pear Apple County Fair in San Antonio.  We thought we’d lost, hadn’t won a thing at all, were walking away to go play arcade games when we just barely could hear our names were being called out over the loudspeakers.  We had to run back through a little bit of rain that had finally broken out.  It was actually a pretty exhilarating moment, and on top of winning I had a Sega GameGear.  This was a big deal because GameGears were in color as opposed to the oldschool greenish turdy color of the old GameBoys as well as because my parents didn’t allow game systems that hooked up to the TV.  I was allowed to buy a hand-held unit, and had saved up for a gameboy, but I thought it would be far out of my grasp to ever save up for the glamorous GameGear.  Winning one was a dream come true.  As for this entry, my mom buying me games for my GameGear was a real truce of sorts.

In regards to the blanks at the top.  Those are not actually written in my diary, they are omitted names.  While I’m journeying with truth, there’s no need to drudge up already-slung mud.  Though I remember that birthday party and those blanks were pretty rotten to me.



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