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Tea-ruth Addendum

Posted on: February 21, 2011

I forgot to say that my favorite Yogi stand-bys are (of course) Calming, Healthy Fasting, Echinacea Immunity Support, and Green Tea Energy.  I have been intrigued by but yet to buy Woman’s Moon Cycle but after seeing “No Strings Attached” and the famous Period Mix CD scene which includes the hilarious line about “Tea for your ‘gina,” I might just treat myself.  I’m also thinking of giving some of the spicy blends a whirl and maybe the berry one that is supposed to be good for your liver.  Dr. Gillian McKeith, who hosts BBC America’s “You Are What You Eat” and wrote a book of the same title suggests teas for your liver and kidneys.  And she’s a badass.  There are also lots of green tea blends (I’ll bet I’d like Yogi’s Chai Green better than Stash’s blend, plus Yogi seems to use a little higher quality stuff in their bags, though it’s still not whole leaf… don’t even get me started on the wonder of whole leaf teas), and if you don’t already know about the awesome properties of green tea, google it.  I seriously think I have held off getting seriously sick over the past year through immuni-tea care.  Lord knows I don’t ever sleep.
What are your favorite teas?  Are you new to tea?  Are you only acquainted with Sweet Tea?  What’s your tea-ruth?


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  • myjourneywithtruth: i had it in my office at my internship in Corpus Christi two summers ago. ellen davis is brilliant and glows with an aura of holy.
  • amy h: i love this quote. i think i may need it hanging on my wall where i'll see it daily. perhaps in front of the toilet? by the door? bedside table? i'll
  • chaz: That post made me really sad too. Mostly because I want to take young Lizzie by the shoulders and shake her (gently?) into sublime realization that sh


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