my journey with truth

Feb. 26, 1997

Posted on: October 26, 2010

Dear Beatrice,

I really like Ian.  He is so sweet.  Sunday night I slept over at Rachel Ramsey’s house.  We had Monday off from school.  Yesterday I had supper with my faith friend from confirmation, Roxanne Specht.  We went to the Canyon Cafe.  That’s the restaurant over in Westlake with the torches in front.  Feb. 21 was a cotillion night and afterwards I spent the night at Sarah’s house.  The next day we were playing Truth or Dare and Sarah dared me to call Ian.  So I did.  Later on I had to ask Ian out for Sarah.  He said he’d think about it.  After that I asked if he liked Sarah as a friend.  He said ya.  I asked him a little more than a friend – ya.  A little more than a friend and he said that he wanted to tell Sarah but not me.  Isn’t that sweet?  He knows that I like him and so he didn’t want to tell me that he liked Sarah.  That is just so sweet.  I like him even more now.  Sorry, I gotta go.

Talk to ya soon,

P.S. [‘Ian’ with a heart drawn around it and ‘me’ with another interlocking heart drawn around it with lips drawn underneath]

Oh, girl.  If only twelve-year-old-self could’ve STOPPED THAT BEHAVIOR right then and there.  Instead, thus began a long cultivation of reacting to a boy’s liking for someone else (whether or not he spared my feelings or even thought about what it might mean for me to receive his thoughts and intentions toward someone else day in and day out) with more liking for him.  Because, oh girl.  I can tell you that behavior didn’t work out for us.


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