my journey with truth

Jan. 7, 1997

Posted on: September 11, 2010

Dear Beatrice,
Wuz [up arrow]?  Sorry I didn’t write yesterday.  Here’s the scoop on school.  Monday was really, really good.  In science, Mr. Beam had shaved over the holiday to just a moustache.  He told everyone that he’s planning on growing the goti [sic] back.  In band, we basically reviewed.  In Pre-Algebra, *Blake was really nice to me.  We cleaned out our notebooks.  In L.A. [language arts] we went to the library.  Today Mrs. Tucker was absent and we started our study of the Middle Ages.  Today was the first day of P.E.  It was pretty good.  We didn’t do much.  In Connections, we cleaned out our note book.  In language arts we worked on posters and took a practice test.  I think Softie is over his cold.  I’ll have to show you a picture of *C.B. sometime!  He’s really cute.  He wasn’t quite so conceded [sic] Mon.  He got a haircut over the holiday and his braces are Red & green.

I don’t really have much to say about this entry.  I’ll let the progression/reality of Monday was really, really good – My science teacher shaved – We didn’t do much in P.E. – My cat is over his cold stand alone.


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  • myjourneywithtruth: i had it in my office at my internship in Corpus Christi two summers ago. ellen davis is brilliant and glows with an aura of holy.
  • amy h: i love this quote. i think i may need it hanging on my wall where i'll see it daily. perhaps in front of the toilet? by the door? bedside table? i'll
  • chaz: That post made me really sad too. Mostly because I want to take young Lizzie by the shoulders and shake her (gently?) into sublime realization that sh


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